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Choosing the right Sink Foot Pedal for your Needs

A sink foot pedal is a convenient and hygienic addition to any sink faucet. They are known to reduce water waste, eliminate the chance of cross-contamination, and make any faucet easier to use and handle. A foot pedal faucet adds aesthetic value to any home and office.

In this article, we will explore essential factors to consider before choosing the right sink foot pedal.

Tips to Choose the Right Sink Foot Pedal

Compatibility with a sink faucet and sink cabinetry

Make sure the foot pedal you choose is compatible with the type and configuration of your sink plumbing. Furthermore, consideration should be given to the space limitations of your sink cabinetry to accommodate additional hardware. For this reason, the physical size of the pedal components should be taken into consideration.

Also, some outdated foot pedal faucets require a live power outlet to operate, and if there is no electrical outlet, the cost and trouble of bringing a line voltage are substantial. In such an environment, a battery-operated foot pedal faucet is the best alternative to a mechanical faucet controller.

Additionally, it is important that the cabinet’s kickboard height and its structure are sufficient to support a foot pedal securely under your sink cabinet. The cabinet toe kick area should be of good quality material to support the pedal mechanism under load.

Ease of use

A foot pedal must be user-friendly and simple to operate. The pedal itself should be ergonomically designed, have sufficient length, height, and surface area to be visible, and be easy to step on. Also, it must be ideally positioned for ease of access and use.

Furthermore, the pressure required to activate the pedal should not be excessive; otherwise, using it could become tiring over time.

To fill the sink or a container with water, you might also want to consider a foot pedal with an automatic shutoff function. This feature avoids the need to hold down the pedal to complete your chore. The AutoTap Faucet foot pedals have such automatic shutoff function built into their sink pedal faucets.


 Ease of use

Since foot pedals endure frequent and heavy use, they must be sturdily constructed and able to withstand constant use. A pedal sink made of stainless steel, or ABS, is a good choice for a foot pedal because it resists rust & endures excessive force and use. AutoTap faucets, ATS200, and AT700 foot pedals are excellent examples.

Water temperature and flow control

Water temperature and flow

Adjusting the water flow according to your task is crucial for conserving water and energy. With the exception of a two-pedal system one for hot and one for cold, most sink pedals consists of one pedal, delivering both hot and cold water simultaneously to the faucet. For this reason, with one faucet pedal, the user needs to select the temperature and water flow by adjusting the faucet lever or knobs. This requirement might seem hard and difficult, but in reality, once the flow and temperature are set, the need for constant adjustment becomes unnecessary.

An example of a hot and cold foot pedal faucet is the AutoTap Faucet, AT200HC or AT700HC, specifically designed for home or office use. These units have a time delay function to fill the sink or a container with water automatically. This feature ensures efficient water utilization while completing tasks like washing dishes or rinsing fruits and vegetables.

Installation requirements

Installation requirements

Before purchasing a foot pedal, assess its installation process to determine whether you possess the necessary skills and tools to install it yourself or if you need to hire a professional. In most cases, installing a foot pedal involves connecting the device to your existing faucet supply lines and securing the unit beneath the sink.

A good pictorial source for seeing the installation steps needed to install a sink pedal faucet is at:, where you can find the installation instructions for a variety of foot pedals, including the hot and cold units.


Prices for a foot pedal faucet vary widely depending on the manufacturer and its brand name. A highly priced foot pedal or touchless faucet is not necessary to offer better quality or superior functionality.

Companies that offer hundreds of different products do not specialize in many of the products they sell & tend to outsource their products to the lowest bidder. Given this, it is prudent to search for companies that specialize in the manufacturing of only pedal sink faucets. These manufacturers often offer superior products with better customer service and longer warranty coverage.

Lastly, compare different products within your price range, keeping in mind that a company offering a longer warranty period tends to offer a more reliable product than a company offering only a short time & with limited warranty coverage.

The last thought,

Selecting the ideal sink foot pedal entails evaluating several factors. After carefully examining the factors mentioned above, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a touch-free, hassle-free, and eco-friendly sink experience.

Whether you opt for a basic model or one packed with advanced features, remember that investing in a reliable sink foot pedal contributes significantly towards maintaining proper hygiene and promoting sustainability.

So go ahead, take the leap, and transform and upgrade your sink faucet today! with Autotap’s products.

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